AngelBiss provides consultant service for other healthcare products as supplementary items

If you are distributing for COPD, or have the following symptoms, such as respiratory insufficiency, snoring and sleep apnea syndrome. AngelBiss can provide home respiratory device--Auto CPAP/BIPAP, which will improve breathing function to maintain airway patency, and keep breathing normally.

If you are distributing for the elder or hypertensive patients in home, a blood pressure monitor is very indispensable. It is very convenient for user to take monitor of his family's health. AngelBiss have three different kinds of products for your choice: Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitor solution, Wrist Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor and Finger Blood Pressure Monitor.

If you are distributing for asthma inhalation therapy, such as catch a cold, cough, or get sore throat, rhinitis, tonsillitis, or asthma, a compressor nebulizer is applicable.

  • 3-Ball Respiratory Exerciser (Spirometer)

    3-Ball Respiratory Exerciser (Spirometer)

    3-Ball Respiratory Exerciser (Spirometer) is helpful in assessing conditions such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and COPD. Just inhale through Lung Exerciser for a few minutes twice a day in a simple breathing pattern as shown in the instructions, it will help patients improve the function of their lungs. 3-Ball Respiratory Exerciser is an effective device to prevent pulmonary complications after surgery that affects the respiratory function, especially surgery to the lungs. 3-Ball Respiratory Exerciser can also commonly be prescribed for post-operative cardiac patients, or other surgery involving extra time under anesthesia and subsequent recovery.

  • Valve holding chamber

    Valve holding chamber

    Valve holding chamber is a type of spacer that includes a one-way valve at the mouthpiece. This device does more than provide “space” between your mouth and the medicine. It also traps and holds your medicine, which gives you time to take a slow, deep breath. This allows you to breathe in all of the medicine. The one-way valve stops you from accidentally exhaling into the tube. Many Valve holding chambers are lined on the inside with an anti-static coating which helps keep the medicine from sticking to the sides of the chamber.