• Hydrogen Oxygen Machine

    Hydrogen Oxygen Machine

    The hydrogen oxygen machine (The trademark FREEAIR has been authorized by Europe representative of Angelbiss) can continuously produce high concentrations of hydrogen from water, using a process called electrolysis. It can be used for hydrogen therapy and health care. The body absorbs hydrogen mainly to fight toxic free radicals and inflammation. Studies have shown that inhaling hydrogen can increase energy, slows down the ageing process and improves muscle recovery after exercise. At the same time, it is a good adjunct to the treatment of more than 60 diseases such as tumors and chronic diseases. HG-600 series hydrogen machines use SPE electrolysis technology, which is non-corrosive, produces no impurity gases and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  • Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

    Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

    The home hyperbaric oxygen chamber consists of a high-strength medical-grade TPU nanocomposite fiber material chamber and a hyperbaric oxygen-enriched generator. With supporting frame, mattress and other accessories, the operation is convenient and simple, providing users with maximum comfort and safety experience. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber can simulate an environment of 1.3-1.5 atmospheric pressure, and a person can breathe in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

    According to Henry’s law “The solubility of gas in liquid increases with the increase of pressure”, due to the increase of pressure, a large amount of oxygen can be dissolved in the blood, the blood oxygen capacity of the human body will increase significantly, and the blood oxygen content in the human body will increase. Pressure, improve blood oxygen diffusion capacity, increase the effective radius of oxygen treatment, and finally increase the oxygen content and oxygen storage capacity in the tissue, thus playing a health care effect.

  • Medical Grade 15 Liter Large Flow Home Use Oxygen Concentrator

    Medical Grade 15 Liter Large Flow Home Use Oxygen Concentrator

    Angel-15S is a PSA 15 liter large flow oxygen concentrator. It is currently the world’s first 15 liter large flow oxygen concentrator!

    It provides 93%±3% medical high purity oxygen, basically meet the demand of heavy duty COPD patients. Equiped with 6 alarm systems and 6 inches LED screen, Angel-15S can bring you comfortable experience.

    It is suitable for rent to critically ill patients. It can relieve their pain, reduce cost and after-sale maintenance worries. For dealers, it can enlarge sales and increase market demand.

  • Medical Use Auto Cut Off 20lpm High Pressure Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

    Medical Use Auto Cut Off 20lpm High Pressure Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

    LINER-20HPT is a high pressure PSA 20liter dual flow oxygen concentrator. With outstanding advantages, you can experience a new standard in high pressure oxygen concentrator. Safe and energy-saving working mode reduce cost for you. More detailed design like screen, alarm, timing help you operate the machine safely and conveniently.

    It has wide applications. It can be connected to ventilators and anesthesia directly, making work simple and efficient under emergent circumstances. It also can be used as a mini supply plant for a single nursing room in a hospital, veterinary care, aquaculture, wastewater treatment etc.

  • Higher Accuracy Oxygen Purity Analyzer Portable Gas Analyzer

    Higher Accuracy Oxygen Purity Analyzer Portable Gas Analyzer

    The O2A010 oxygen analyzer is smart and fast to measure oxygen purity of 20%-95.9% in the range of 1-10LPM correctly. High accuracy(±1.8%) makes the measured result more reliable. One button simple design makes your operation convenient. See oxygen purity, flow rate, outlet pressure and oxygen temperature on the unit’s 2.2-inch LCD screen at one glance. Fast charging via USB interface, a single charge can run continuously for 48 hours.

  • 10 Liter Home Use Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

    10 Liter Home Use Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

    AngelBiss 10L Home Use Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator can provide high purity, medical standard oxygen. Capable of delivering 90% to 93% O2 purity from 0L to 10L, people can choose optimal oxygen delivery according to varying flow requirements. The product includes two oxygen outlets, two humidifiers and two flow control meters, which allows 2 users to do oxygen therapy at the same machine at the same time. Compared to ANGEL-10AD, this product is lighter and easier to operate.

    This product is suitable for oxygen-deficient patients and places where lack of centralized oxygen supply of medical units for oxygen therapy or oxygen health care.


  • Home Use 5 LPM Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

    Home Use 5 LPM Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

    AngelBiss 5L Home Use Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator can be used for 2 people to inhale oxygen at the same time. By inhaling indoor air and filtering nitrogen, the machine can provide unlimited, worry-free medical grade oxygen with 90% to 93% high oxygen concentration and a level range of 0- 5L/per minute. Compared to ANGEL-5S, this product is more price competitive because it allows the same oxygen concentrator to serve 2 patients, thereby reducing power consumption and purchasing of another oxygen concentrator.

    This product mainly aims at people with COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), hypoxic users and people who need daily oxygen therapy. It can also be widely used in hospitals, clinics, health centers and home care.

  • High Pressure PSA Oxygenator With Vessel(Storage Tank) ANGEL-60HTP

    High Pressure PSA Oxygenator With Vessel(Storage Tank) ANGEL-60HTP

    ANGEL-60HTP consists of a 60liter PSA oxygenator system, an oxygen buffer vessel (storage tank) system and a booster system. The oxygenator system generates high concentration oxygen(93%±3%) continuously. The oxygen buffer vessel holds the oxygen that comes from the oxygenator. The booster system increase the overall oxygen pressure to the expected value which is between 1.5-6 atmospheres (about 1.4bar to 6bar) . And eventually the high concentration oxygen can be express to the gas pipelines of medical institutions.

  • Oxygen Generator for Ozone Generator

    Oxygen Generator for Ozone Generator

    AngelBiss oxygen generator can convert oxygen into ozone by supplying oxygen to ozone generator. Ozone plays an important role in sterilization, odor removal, food preservation, and water purification. AngelBiss oxygen generator system can be complied with many kinds ozone generator that existing on the market.  The system has a wide user and lots of application in homes, hospitals, schools, public bus and underground stations, food manufacturing, environmental water treatment stations, farms, labs and hardware wastewater processing plant, etc.

    Meanwhile the technical team of AngelBiss is developing an oxygen-ozone generator for sterilization and disinfection of above areas including the COVID-19 occasions.

  • Aquaculture Use Oxygen Generator

    Aquaculture Use Oxygen Generator

    AngelBiss aquaculture use oxygen generator solution is the safest and most reliable oxygen source that can be used in aquaculture and can replace any other oxygen supply source.

    When the oxygen content in the water is sufficient, which can be beneficial to the growth of fish and reduces the number of bacteria, thereby improving the productivity of fish and improving the overall health of fish. High oxygen content is important for aquaculture and fish production.

  • Industrial Use PSA Oxygen Generator

    Industrial Use PSA Oxygen Generator

    Industrial use PSA oxygen generator provides continuous pure oxygen to supplement the demand of veriety of factory applications, such as metal smelting, glass artwork processing, compound oxidation reaction, wastewater treatment etc. The benefit to using such industrial use PSA oxygen generator are small investment, safe storage and transportation, low power consumption, convenient operation and obvious use – value efficiency

  • Portable Medical Suction Machine (Portable Suction Unit) AVERLAST 25

    Portable Medical Suction Machine (Portable Suction Unit) AVERLAST 25

    AngelBiss 25liter portable medical suction machine AVERLAST 25 (portable suction unit) is capable of providing over 25liter negative flow. AVERLAST 25 is used for sucking pus, phlegm and other viscous liquids from human body. It is a commonly used medical equipment in emergency room, operating room, ward monitoring and home care.

    The suction flow rate of portable medical suction machine AVERLAST 25 reaches 25L / min, and the ultimate negative pressure reaches 0.08Mpa, which is suitable for the nursing process of sucking a large amount of liquid and quickly processing before and after surgery.

    Important: This product cannot be used to sustain any life. Patients are advised to use this product according to actual needs or the guidance of a physician.

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