Industrial Use PSA Oxygen Generator

Industrial Use PSA Oxygen Generator

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Industrial use PSA oxygen generator provides continuous pure oxygen to supplement the demand of veriety of factory applications, such as metal smelting, glass artwork processing, compound oxidation reaction, wastewater treatment etc. The benefit to using such industrial use PSA oxygen generator are small investment, safe storage and transportation, low power consumption, convenient operation and obvious use – value efficiency

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AngelBiss industrial use PSA oxygen generator solutions can work in glass-work manufacturing. The oxygen content in the air is only 21% at standard atmospheric pressure, and the combustion of glass furnace fuel is also carried out under such oxygen content. Practice has shown that when the oxygen content of the gas burned by the furnace reaches more than 25%, the energy saving is as high as 20%; the furnace heating time can be shortened by 1 / 2-2 / 3.

The use of oxygen as a combustion aid can increase the flame temperature, improve the combustion efficiency and glass quality, and prolong the service life of the kiln. On the other hand, it can also reduce pollution emissions, save energy and protect the environment.


AngelBiss industrial use PSA oxygen generator solutions can also be used for metal smelting.

In the process of steelmaking, high purity oxygen is blown to oxidize carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon, which not only reduces the carbon content of steel, but also helps to remove impurities such as phosphorus, sulfur and silicon. Moreover, the heat generated in the oxidation process is sufficient to maintain the temperature required for the steelmaking process。

Therefore oxygen blowing not only shortens the smelting time, but also improves the quality of steel. In the smelting of nonferrous metals, oxygen enrichment can also shorten the smelting time and increase the output.

Oxygen-enriched combustion technology composed of oxygen and fuel provided by AngelBiss oxygen generator can provide glass manufacturers with better options.

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