• How should patients with severe COPD choose an oxygen concentrator?
    Post time: 06-22-2022

    COPD still deeply affects the respiratory health of many people. Many factors also contribute to the development of COPD in modern humans. For example, the decline in air quality, unhealthy breathing patterns, the effects of smoking or secondhand smoke, etc. In the face ...Read more »

  • Donation: Working with Malaysian partners
    Post time: 09-02-2021

    During August 2021, Malaysian sole partner of Angelbiss once again sent good news for our goodwish to fight against Covid 19. The 5L oxygen concentrator ANGEL-5A used for donation has safely arrived at different hospitals of Malaysia and safety health departments. The ho...Read more »

  • Donation: AngelBiss assists the COVID-19 in Indonesia
    Post time: 08-27-2021

    Since the outbreak of the global COVID-19, people around the world have stood on the united front of fighting the COVID-19. Angelbiss is making continuous contributions to the fight against the COVID-19. After the full-scale outbreak of the COVID-19 in Indonesia, uphold ...Read more »

  • Congratulations: Technical Training for Vietnam Partner
    Post time: 06-07-2021

    On June 1, 2021, Angelbiss ‘s technical department conducted video online training with Vietnamese distributors. The training content includes: introduction to the basic functions of the Angelbiss Oxygen Concentrator (Angel-5s), how to use, maintain and serve Angelbiss Oxygen Concentrator. ...Read more »

  • 2021 New Year Promotion!!!
    Post time: 12-18-2020

    In order to celebrate the coming of the new year, AngelBiss launched new promotions to reward new and old customers. From 2020.12.01 to 2020.01.31, if you order more than 12 units 5LPM oxygen concentrators, you can get COLOR BOX packed machine or a new oxygen meter(value $150). If you are interes...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-22-2020

    New Site Factory Expansion 1.New site factory expansion Since  establishment, AngelBiss has been committed to improving the health of the public and creating benefits for the society. After 3 years of continuous development, in 2020, An...Read more »