Voice Control Implied in AngelBiss Oxygen Concentrator

Can you use your voice to control your oxygen concentrator? Yes, you can now. Recently, our engineers has successfully developed a new voice control function for AngelBiss series oxygen concentrators. People can simply say some words to control oxygen concentrators without touching the panel. AngelBiss is the first company that announce Voice Control Technology(VCT) on oxygen concentrators in the world today!

The use of VCT will bring great convenience to customers. For COPD patients, if they can’t get off bed, they can just say a few words to make the machine run. In a hospital, doctors and nurses can give voice commands to control oxygen concentrators without manually operate every machine, which makes their work easier and more efficient. For ordinary people, when they are enjoying the leisure time at the sofa, they don’t need to walk to turn on the machine or look for remote control everywhere. Instead, they can sit there and just say some simple words to let the machine work. It can also bring comfortable experience for outdoor use.

The most important is that it won’t add extra cost for customers. So people can enjoy better service at inexpensive price. Besides, we will carry our oxygen concentrators with this function to CMEF on August 21 to 24.( CMEF 2022 has been delayed because of COVID-19)

AngelBiss adheres to put customers’ demand first. We’ve designed 5liter oxygen concentrator with battery. It enables patients to receive oxygen therapy in emergent situations such as power outage or during transportation etc.

Whether battery-powered oxygen concentrator or voice control machine, we design products based on customers’ demand and hope they can better serve them. If you want to learn more about our products, you can contact us at info@angbisscare.com

Post time: Mar-21-2022