To all importers, dealers of AngelBiss

AngelBiss is original oxygen concentrator manufacturer, having good market around the worldwide.

Now in order to help India, Nepal and other countries around the world to fight against the epidemic,

1- AngelBiss decided not to increase prices for customers who have done regular business before, and the original sales price remains unchanged. And it is necessary to require all dealers that they cannot increase prices to users locally.

2- Any country’s dealers can still be available to purchase AngelBiss products now.

3- AngelBiss is already trying its best to support India and Nepal, so dealers from other countries are not allowed to purchase AngelBiss’s products and then forward them at high prices to India and Nepal.

4- In order to speed up the production capacity, only orders for 5 liters are still available, and orders for other oxygen models will not be accepted temporarily, and the portable suction machines can still be ordered.

We all hope this covid 19 wind up as soon as possible.

We will always keep doing good quality and continous support services .

This notice will be effected immediately and valid till end of May, 2021.


Post time: Apr-30-2021