The importance of oxygen under COVID-19

Oxygen is as important as water that sustains our life. Lack of oxygen will lead to impairment of our body condition.

Shanghai has been under lockdown since April 2022. People are quarantined at home and do not leave their homes without special circumstances. Under the state of home quarantine, the oxygen demand of patients with COPD and respiratory diseases is increasing day by day. However, the medical resources like oxygen cylinders has become tight. Some people say they don't have enough medical resources now and they can't be treated in hospitals like in normal days. For these patients, they may be at risk for lack of oxygen because of shortage of oxygen supply.

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Except Shanghai, the whole world has been fighting against COVID-19 since 2020. The pandemic brings great challenge for medical resources. Many patients can’t get timely and effective treatment. Oxygen can help with the treatment of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a viral pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection. Oxygen can improve lung infection and oxygen supply to the whole body. 

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In the pandemic of COVID-19, a home use oxygen concentrator can solve the problem of oxygen supply for patients. It has below advantages:

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• Receive 93% ± 3% medical grade oxygen at home.

• One machine for one person, safe and effective.

• Reduce the operation load of hospital and public resources.

• Help with epidemic prevention and control.

At last, during COVID-19 ,a hard period for our whole world, we hope everyone can raise awareness of self-protection and live a healthy life. AngelBiss will continue to provide high-quality product for customers and will always be with you!

Post time: May-12-2022