Oxygen Generator-Application of (PSA) Oxygen Generator in Aquaculture

As for the types and quantity of wild fish continue to decrease, and insufficient wetland areas available per capita, the overall costs of breeding increase rapidly. The high density of breeding has to meet the demand for nowadays. High-efficiency green oxygen-enriched aquaculture is now becoming popular internationally. A technology uses a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generator as a gas source to oxygenate the aquaculture water body to achieve supersaturation that comes into our life.

So what are the advantages and applications of (PSA) oxygen generators in the field of aquaculture?

1. It can continuously increase the density of aquaculture, promote the growth and development of aquatic products in the seedling stage, and improve the survival rate of aquatic products in the pond.

2. Reduce the requirements for the plant and land of the breeding pond, and combine physical and chemical means to disinfect and purify the water body, and make it a better breeding water environment.

3. The improvement of the water environment, excessive oxygen in the water, inhibits the growth of harmful anaerobic microorganisms, and at the same time reduces the risk of aquatic organisms getting sick.

4. Shorten the breeding cycle of aquatic organisms, reduce breeding costs, and reduce breeding risks.

Angelbiss initially launched an easy install & movable High Pressure PSA Oxygen Generator With Vessel (Storage Tank) ANGEL-60HPT for fisheries, which can not only continuously provide high concentration of oxygen to the breeding ponds, save energy but also it can reduce your budget in low cost.

Oxygen Generator

(image: High Pressure PSA Oxygenator With Vessel (Storage Tank) ANGEL-60HPT)


Post time: Mar-14-2021