Only six days ,Complete 3 pcs 60LPM hyperbaric oxygen generator

Angelbiss 60LPM high-pressure oxygen generator can supply oxygen for small clinics. Compared with ordinary oxygen cylinders, Angelbiss oxygen generator is safer and more reliable. At the same time, Angelbiss oxygen generator can reduce costs, reduce pressure and meet more demands.

At the same time, the Angelbiss 60L PM high-pressure oxygen generator can also be connected to a variety of equipment, which is highly practical.

After assembly, testing and packaging, it took 6 days to complete the production of three 60L high-pressure oxygen generators. We ensure the stability and continuity of oxygen output while ensuring the speed.

If you have any questions about our 60LPMZ oxygen generator, you can contact us. Our email is 


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Post time: Dec-17-2020