New Year’s Message from AngelBiss COO

Hi dear partners,

Best wishes for you and our business at the new year 2021.

We are also glad to have your new year wishes for our team and business in the past few days. We may have different views in some points, but our target is the same. We believe both us be great success to make our product to be the first choice of every customer.

We may have difficulty in fund, service, technology and innovation, but we believe we can always conquer them and keep the step as the trend, beat to win in the severe competition, under your un-cease support and understanding.

2021 is a new challenge for us again. To generate new products, to make 2020 ideas come true, to keep promise timely valuable, to invest more time and fund on the lagging projects, to light up the direction of oxygen manufacturing business, etc. It is time for us to change when we feel comfortable, it is painful to invest when we feel we are already in the leadership of some areas.

But 2021 there are more chances to be hitting, especially during and after covid-19. 2020 have shown our production capability and yours distribution availability. The more inquiries from your dealers we get here means the more efforts you have done in your market, the more quotation from other suppliers you get there means the bigger impact we have done in our market. The chances are for those successful companies, we are successful because either buyers or suppliers are approaching to us today. So, when we are successful, it is time for us to focus on either the present products, make it better, or the new products, make it elder.

2021, there is hope to convince more partners that we still can take the leadership on some products, we are still insisting quality first service closely following, we are stilling researching on better solutions for human beings. To maintain our dealers is the best options which we should focus on now. 2020 the market had bought billions tons of different quality medical products from China and other manufacturing countries, 2021 isthe time to terminate poor quality products buyers and build up good quality products distributors.

2021 it is not the time to bring new products, it is the best time to make us different, make our brand different, make our service different, make our company different. We are not bad.

Our partners, we encourage you to consider our point, if you dig, please dig it deep. For those we have cooperated over 3 years, You make a miracle to win in your whole market in such a short time in oxygen business,

we can’t believe it goes from a tender, and before that , it was from an un-fittable sample which waiting for parts to modify. It is time make us as heroes to save the world.

Best wishes and welcome more understanding on partner position.

Arvin Du

COO of AngelBiss

Post time: Jan-06-2021