New Product Arrival: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Hydrogen Oxygen Machine

Post Covid 19 period, the best business is not oxygen concentrator, nor oximeter or other traditional medical devices. Here comes much be the time for household therapy products, such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Hydrogen Oxygen Machine. AngelBiss are proud to develop and recommend these products for you.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber consists of an anion low-pressure capsule soft chamber and a multifunctional oxygen-enriched air pump. The soft cabin adopts a single-person horizontal structure; the air pump adopts an oil-free air compressor type low-concentration oxygen enricher.

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The effect of hyperbaric oxygen chamber on the human body:

1. Improve blood oxygen content and blood oxygen diffusion effect, and relieve altitude sickness.

2. Supplement oxygen for skin cells all over the body, repair damaged cells, and delay aging.

3. Quickly relieve muscle tension and soreness caused by strenuous exercise.

4. Improve exercise capacity, increase human oxygen reserve, and relieve fatigue.

5. Decompose alcohol concentration and play a role in sobering up.

6. Relieve mental stress and help improve sub-health status.

7. Spectrum antibacterial, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria.

8. Promote the discharge of harmful gases and substances, such as gas, alcohol, nicotine, etc.

The hydrogen oxygen machine can continuously produce high concentrations of hydrogen and oxygen from water, using a process called electrolysis under SPE Electrolysis Technology.

SPE technology, its full name is solid polymer electrolyte water electrolysis hydrogen production (oxygen) technology, using water as raw material to produce hydrogen and oxygen through proton membrane, in which hydrogen is produced at produce the cathode, and, oxygen at is and the volume ratio is 2:1. Proton membrane hydrogen production requires pure water or distilled water, and the hydrogen and oxygen produced are also of high purity.

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The effect of hydrogen oxygen machine on the human body:

1. Fights toxic free radicals and inflammation, helps in the treatment of various chronic diseases and cancer.

2. Reduces pregnancy reactions and the tissue repair effect can promote postpartum recovery for pregnant women.

3. Improves children’s resistance to disease and prevents common health problems such as obesity.

4. Antioxidant beauty, improve skin texture, lighten pigmentation and age spots, reduce signs of skin aging.

5. Improves muscle tissue function and joint mobility, increases stamina and restores strength quickly.

6. Breathing hydrogen for long periods of time boosts metabolism, relieves stress and reduces fatigue.

A large number of clinical reports and applications from Europe, the United States and Japan have shown that these two products have obvious improvement and therapeutic effects on Post Covid 19 patients. If you have plans to lay out new products in 2023, please consider contacting us

Post time: Dec-20-2022