Industrialized aquaculture: the magical use of oxygen generator

With the development of the times, fertile fields and buildings gradually replaced the former forest lakes. The reduction of water resources and biodiversity has made human beings aware of their mistakes. Human beings use modern industrial civilization to carry out aquaculture to ensure the diversity of species.

Life needs oxygen to sustain. An important criterion for judging whether the water is clear is the oxygen content in the water.

Photosynthesis on the water surface can only provide 10% oxygen. However, the oxidation and decomposition of the bottom of the water body requires a large amount of oxygen, which accounts for 40% of the total oxygen consumption of the aquaculture water body. Under normal growth conditions, fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms consume only 12% of oxygen.

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The state of dissolved oxygen at the bottom is a great guarantee for the clear water quality.

Dissolved oxygen at the bottom can not only accelerate the oxidation and decomposition of dead algae and plankton, but also help beneficial bacteria to accelerate the decomposition of harmful substances in the water. At the same time, in the state of dissolved oxygen at the bottom, on the one hand, aquatic organisms can be protected from bad weather, and on the other hand, the feed coefficient can be reduced.

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Compared with traditional filtration equipment, the oxygen generator is more stable. The oxygen concentration of 93%±3% can be maintained to ensure the oxygen content in the water. 60lpm High Pressure Oxygen Supply System of AngelBiss has an automatic start-stop function, which can continuously supply oxygen to the water without interruption. In addition, according to research findings, under reduced pressure conditions, the oxygen nanobubbles produced by the oxygen production equipment can go farther and last longer. Thereby reducing the algae corpses, feces and residual bait and other substances.

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AngelBiss 60lpm High Pressure Oxygen Supply System (Auto Cut off) is a device with stable oxygen output and low energy consumption. Its technology is mature and has been practically applied in many countries. Customers also stated that this is a device that meets their standards. To a certain extent, it optimized water quality, increased aquatic production, and reduced breeding costs.

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Post time: Dec-28-2021