Convenience of Rechargeable Portable Suction Machine (AC, DC, Batteries)

Angelbiss has developed  a Rechargeable Portable Suction Machine (AC, DC, Batteries): AVERLAST 25B. It not only has the advantages of Angelbiss other two Suction Machine devices:double anti-overflow protection system ,direct plug-in bottle system, only one push to take out bottle 1400ml capacity suction bottle.

At the same time,He has superior lithium batteries, but fast recharge in 90 minutes, continuous run 180minutes (3 hours).

Why should we design Rechargeable Portable Suction Machine (AC, DC, Batteries)?

It is to highlight the lightness and convenience of our  suction device, which has a wide range of applications, not only in hospitals, homes, and mobile, but also in mobile transportation

At the same time, we also prepared nylon backpacks and metal aluminum suitcases for our battery-powered sputum suction device.

Not only the appearance is beautiful and generous, but also the practicality is extremely high.

If you are a family doctor, you can easily carry on your back or carry our sputum suction device to diagnose your customers.

This not only greatly reduces the weight burden of your going out for medical treatment, but also improves your work efficiency to a certain extent.

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 metal aluminum suitcases
nylon backpacks  1nylon backpacks 2

Post time: Feb-14-2021