Application of oxygen generator in industrial field

Pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator has been widely used in industrial fields such as ozone generators, glass manufacturing, aquaculture, and metal smelting due to its fast start-up, low energy consumption, simple operation and simple maintenance.

1. Application of Angelbiss oxygen generator in ozone generator

Angelbiss oxygen generator can convert oxygen into ozone by supplying oxygen to the ozone generator. Ozone plays an important role in sterilization and disinfection, removal of peculiar smell, food preservation, and water purification.
2. Application of Angelbiss oxygen generator in glass manufacturing

As we all know, the oxygen content in the air is only 21%, and the combustion of glass furnace fuel is also carried out under this air content. Practice shows that when the oxygen content of the boiler combustion gas reaches 25% or more, the energy saving can be as high as 20%; the boiler start-up heating time can be reduced by 1/2-2/3. Using the combustion-supporting property of oxygen can increase the flame temperature, improve the combustion efficiency and glass quality, and extend the service life of the furnace; on the other hand, it can also reduce the emission of polluting gases, save energy and protect the environment.

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3. Application of Angelbiss oxygen generator in aquaculture

The Angelbiss oxygen generator is the safest and most reliable oxygen source that can be used in aquaculture and can replace any other oxygen supply source. Sufficient oxygen in the water is conducive to the growth of fish and reduces the number of bacteria, thereby increasing the productivity of the fish and improving the overall health of the fish. High oxygen content is important for aquaculture and fish production. Angelbiss oxygen generator helps to increase the dissolution level of oxygen in the water, reduce the occurrence of fish diseases, reduce mortality, and help farmers improve economic benefits.

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4. Application of Angelbiss oxygen generator in sewage treatment

The Angelbiss oxygen generator can blow high-concentration oxygen into the sewage to provide the oxygen necessary for microorganisms to breathe and survive. The microorganisms will consume the pollutants in the sewage, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying the sewage. Angelbiss oxygen generator can provide economical, efficient, stable and safe oxygen for the sewage treatment process.

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5. Application of Angelbiss oxygen generator in metal smelting

In the steelmaking process, high-concentration oxygen is blown, and the oxygen reacts with phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, etc., which not only reduces the carbon content of steel, but also helps to eliminate impurities such as phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon. Moreover, the heat generated in the oxidation process is sufficient to maintain the temperature required for the steelmaking process. Therefore, oxygen blowing not only shortens the smelting time, but also improves the quality of the steel. In the smelting of non-ferrous gold elements, the use of oxygen enrichment can also shorten the smelting time and improve the quality.

Post time: Dec-16-2020