AngelBiss 2020 New Products Research And Development

AngelBiss focuses on product quality and technological innovation all the time . In the severe situation of the global economic recession, AngelBiss still maintains a good development momentum, and the company has achieved rapid development in just a few years.

AngelBiss insists on being guided by customers and market needs, and constantly develops new products suitable for the mid-to-high-end market. At present, our company is striving to research and develop the following products:

1. Double-bottle medical suction machine-mainly suitable for various surgical scenarios

2. New 5L oxygen generator- even our assembly process technology is very mature, and now we are trying to make it better.

The upgraded 5 liter oxygen concentrator body will get lighter and smaller, the product performance also being improved.

3. New 10L oxygen concentrator-mainly upgrade the machine shell material, replace the existing iron shell with a plastic shell, redesign the internal structure of the machine, the weight of the upgraded oxygen concentrator will be greatly reduced, and it is more convenient to move and transport

4. Ozone disinfection machine- As well known, Ozone has a very effective disinfection and sterilization function. AngelBiss R&D Department also make research in the field of ozone application.

5. Nitrogen-oxygen machine-using PSA technology to separate nitrogen and oxygen in the air, mainly used in various hypoxic training scenarios


Please always keeping expect!

Post time: Aug-06-2020