Achievement AngelBiss done in 2019

No.1-Over 18 new patents registration for oxygen concentrator and suction machine
No.2-The world’s first battery back up 5L Oxygen Concentrator attain 93%
No.3-Test 5L oxygen concentrator on Tibet 15000ft attain 93%
No.4-Rechargeable suction machine over 3hours
No.5-20psi high pressure oxygen concentrator attain 95%
No.6-90psi high pressure oxygen concentrator attain 95%
No.7-60LPM dual flow 4bar Oxygen Concentrator attain 95%

No.1-New site factory expansion
No.2-Accomplish new ISO13485:2016 certification via TUV-SUD
No.3-Accomplish new CE certification via TUV-SUD
No.4-Application of National Patent Enterprise
No.5-Onsite local services for Malaysia import
No.6-Onsite local services for Nepal import

Post time: Aug-19-2020