A Wide Variety of Activities Establish a Better Team!

To establish a united, efficient and professional sales team, the marketing section implements a series of activities at the beginning of 2022. We hope these activities can deepen the bond among the members, enhance the working competence of the team and activate a warmer working atmosphere of the office.

As a professional manufacturer of oxygen concentratorAngelBiss is devoted to provide the best product and service for its global customers. To achieve the vision, the various activities would be the first step to make our team more excellent.

Morning Games

Our members take turns conducting a small game as the start. In the past, we were often busy at work and sometimes may ignore a good communication with each other. A funny game narrow the distance among us and ease our mood better. Everyone feels happy and starts a new day!

Sharing and Discussion

On Wednesday, the members will watch a short product introduction video and set a discussion on a same topic. During the daily work, Our salesman may sometimes encounter on some problems of not knowing how to introduce a product or critical points to customers clearly and comprehensively. This activity helps the team to learn and understand the good way of solving out the problems.

Doing Exercise

In office, most of the time, our staff are sitting in the front of the computers, which leads to the lack of exercise. To keep a comfortable body condition of the members, ten-minute exercise can help us stay in healthy status at the daily work. Besides, at the occasion of Beijing Winter Olympics, we call our team to keep such exercise till long run.


Theses activities will made a difference for our marketing team. Firstly, we will be more familiar with each other and have a better cooperation. Secondly, our abilities, such as communication, comprehension, collaboration, will be well improved.  Benefit from the actions, our product introduction will be more attractive and professional and thus, we believe the sales team will get more confident to give a better fore sales or after sales services to our customers. Lastly, a better working atmosphere will makes us more active at the daily life. 

As a manufacturer of medical oxygenator, AngelBiss hopes that all our staff can try  the best to bring the high quality product and superior service for every customer. Learn more about us by clicking https://www.angelbisshealthcare.com/

Post time: Feb-21-2022