High Pressure PSA Oxygen Generator ANGEL-10SP

High Pressure PSA Oxygen Generator ANGEL-10SP

Short Description:

ANGEL-10SP is a professional high pressure PSA oxygen generator for the target devices of artificial ventilation of lungs, such as ventilators and anesthesia machines at ICU conditions. There are enough oxygen pressures of 1.5-4.5 atmospheres (1.4bar to 4.5bar) and flow rate 5-10 l / min. A large hub or storage tank is optional.

The 1.5-4.5 atmospheres pressure of oxygen is the working pressure inside the oxygen generator.

Traditionally, there are only two sources of oxygen that can be connected to drive the ventilators at ICU room. One is the medical oxygen cylinders which having 150bar pressure. Oxygen cylinders, as we know, are with high pressure, bulky, heavy and possibility of explosive property. And they must require repeatedly refilling operation once they gone empty. In couple years of using oxygen cylinders, the accumulated refilling charges including transportation charges, regulators costs, safety storage room charges, etc. are very expensive. But if invest the high pressure oxygen generator, it will solve all above afterwards issues.

Product Detail

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The ANGEL-10SP oxygen generator can deliver continuous rich oxygen once we turn it on after connection of the AC power. The only routine work we need to do is to replace the coarse filters and air inlet filters every 3 months or 6months (depending on the actual use condition).
Also, the high pressure 10liter oxygen generator has been one of the best alternative solutions for the field hospitals (especially ICU room) during COVID-19 as well, because such oxygen machines are movable and easy transportation between different locations.


1.Oxygen Pressure is adjustable from 1.4bar to 4.5bar
2.All can be with 93%±3% oxygen purity output
3.Oxygen Purity Display by Numbers (Accuracy 00.0%)
4.Large 6' LED Light Display all function date
5.Accumulated total running hours
6.With wheels, easy movable

Model and Functions

Model       Max O2 Flow  O2 Purity      Volts     Watts    O2 Pressure     Noise       Alarm   O2Display
ANGEL-10SP   10L/min   93%±3%  AC 220V-240V   1110W   ≤0.6bar     ≤55 dB(A)   YES    YES

Technical Specifications

System Map



Oxygen Driving System




Oxygen Flow

10L Per Minute

Oxygen Concentration

93% ± 3%

Oxygen Output Pressure


Oxygen Number Display


Screen Display System





Display Material

All by LED lights

What Can Be Displayed ?




"Oxygen" light on

"Purity Percentage" light on

"Each Running Time" light on

"Accumulated Time" light on

Operating System





Start to produce Oxygen

Pressure Valve

Adjust oxygen output pressure

Pressure Gauge

Show current oxygen output pressure (MPa)

Flow Meter

Adjust oxygen flow (L/min)

6 Safety System






Low Oxygen Alarm


Oxygen Pressure Protection Alarm


Pressure Faulty Alarm


Power off Alarm


Compressor Faulty Alarm


Overheated Protection


Packaging Details




Machine Body Size


Import Carton Size


Net Weight per Unit


Import Gross Weight per Carton


Operating Condition





Operating Temperature

41℉ to 113℉ (5℃ to 45℃)

Operating Humidity

30% to 80% RH

Operating Atmospheric Pressure


Storage Temperature

14℉ to 122℉(-10℃ to 50℃)

Storage Humidity

20 to 90% RH


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