Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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    Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

    The home hyperbaric oxygen chamber consists of a high-strength medical-grade TPU nanocomposite fiber material chamber and a hyperbaric oxygen-enriched generator. With supporting frame, mattress and other accessories, the operation is convenient and simple, providing users with maximum comfort and safety experience. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber can simulate an environment of 1.3-1.5 atmospheric pressure, and a person can breathe in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

    According to Henry’s law “The solubility of gas in liquid increases with the increase of pressure”, due to the increase of pressure, a large amount of oxygen can be dissolved in the blood, the blood oxygen capacity of the human body will increase significantly, and the blood oxygen content in the human body will increase. Pressure, improve blood oxygen diffusion capacity, increase the effective radius of oxygen treatment, and finally increase the oxygen content and oxygen storage capacity in the tissue, thus playing a health care effect.