Electric Suction Unit (Twin Jar) DX98-3

Electric Suction Unit (Twin Jar) DX98-3

Short Description:

AngelBiss electric suction unit (twin jar) DX98-3 is constituted of negative pressure pump, negative pressure regulator, negative pressure indicator, collecting container component, foot pedal switch, etc.

With double bottle capacity (2500ml/each bottle), AngelBiss electric suction unit (twin jar) DX98-3 can absorb lots of liquid during surgery operation. And DX98-3 is designed with both hand switch and foot switch, it can provide better control solutions for doctors to operate (release both hands).

With two bottles stand in front side, the DX98-3 bottles are easy to dismantle, clean up and re-organize.

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AngelBiss Electric Suction Machine(twin jar)is used for suck of various liquid, such as pus, phlegm and blood. It is very useful in dentistry and emergency and operating room.Designed specifically for applications with fixed flow and pressure characteristic, portable suction machine offers a quick and effective method to clean up the blood, or other medical liquid in the progress of dental treatment. It has two different kinds mode of products:25L&30L. The large capacity of  two bottle will avoid you repeating pumping action. And the bottle is waterproof and reusable. It will save time and resource.

AngelBiss Electric Suction Machine(twin jar) with large bottle capacity(2500ml/each bottle),it can absorb large lots of liquid during in surgery.And it will provide the good solutions for the person who uses it.And it is easy to clean up and organize.And for the bottle, it will be reused after cleaning up.

The electric suction machine is constitute of negative pressure pump, negative pressure regulator, negative pressure indicator, collecting container component, foot pedal switch, case. And the product can meet all kinds of hospitals and medical units requirement of efficient in medical surgery, attract large flow requirements for medical units for surgery pus secretion with various clay to attract. And it is with vertical structure, modern design. From the whole structure,it is morebeautiful appearance.AndthisDouble head piston vacuum pump is adopted as negative pressure,  low noise .It is also oil-free.With anti overfiow safety device, maintenance work is simple, don't need add oil.

And it also has two different operation model, for manual and pedal switches are used simultaneously.It is easy to operate.The product works mode is terminal mode,more than 25L/Min.It will be packed by carton.

For more inquires or question Regarding AngbelBiss Portable Suction machine, please contact us at info@angelbisscare.com and a representative will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

Detail Specification

System Map



Pump Driving System

Max. Air Flow

25 L/min

Negative pressure limit


Negative pressure adjustable range

0.02 ~ 0.08MPa

Bottle System

Collection container capacity


Overflow Protection


Operate System 

Pumping rate 

Hole (air vent) ≥35L/min

Terminal ≥25L/min

Electrical System


AC220~240V, 50Hz±1Hz



Noise Level

≤60 dB

Operating Condition

Operating Temperature

+5℃ ~ +35℃

Relative Humidity

≤80%(25℃ )

Atmospheric pressure

86KPa ~106KP

Packaging Details

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Machine Body Size


Carton Size


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