Portable Medical Suction Machine (Portable Suction Unit) AVERLAST 25

Portable Medical Suction Machine (Portable Suction Unit) AVERLAST 25

Short Description:

AngelBiss 25liter portable medical suction machine AVERLAST 25 (portable suction unit) is capable of providing over 25liter negative flow. AVERLAST 25 is used for sucking pus, phlegm and other viscous liquids from human body. It is a commonly used medical equipment in emergency room, operating room, ward monitoring and home care.

The suction flow rate of portable medical suction machine AVERLAST 25 reaches 25L / min, and the ultimate negative pressure reaches 0.08Mpa, which is suitable for the nursing process of sucking a large amount of liquid and quickly processing before and after surgery.

Important: This product cannot be used to sustain any life. Patients are advised to use this product according to actual needs or the guidance of a physician.

Product Detail

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Portable medical suction machine AVERLAST 25 uses an innovative inline integrated suction bottle. This could be its Unique advantages, because the filter of this machine can be directly inserted into the machine body or bottle cap. The bottle and the machine body can be pushed and pulled to achieve a perfect combination, which is very convenient to operate.

AVERLAST 25 is also designed with below outstanding features:

1. low noise, oil free,
2. complete ABS plastic body,
3. embedded 1400ml suction bottle,
4. direct docking system,
5. double security overflow protection,
6. exquisite size,
7. lightweight and more convenient installation.

AVERLAST 25 is more adapt to be used in most kinds emergency situation and medical institutions service requirement

Other advantages

1) AVERLAST 25, as a portable suction unit, has only one air inlet, which matches the supplied hose. The user only needs to connect a hose to perform the suction operation.

However, traditional products that existing in market now have inlet and outlet of the same size, which are not easy to understand. The number of hoses and the number of connection steps can easily cause the user to not know which hose should be connected to which interface. They may cause the primary anti-overflow protection to fail after being installed in reverse use, causing the risk of damage to the air pump.

2) The filter provided by AVERLAST 25 can be reused multiple times. As secondary protection, if the liquid has been soaked, it can be washed, disinfected and dried before being used again.

Traditional filters that used on other existing suction machines cannot be used any more once they are contaminated and wet, and must be disposed.

Model and Functions

System Map



Pump Driving System

Max. Air Flow


Max. Vacuum Pressure


Work Mode

Intermittent Run

Bottle System 

Max. Jar capacity


Overflow Protection

Double Safety Protection

Innovative Filter

Waterproof Reusable

Inlet Cover

One only, and no need outlet

Operate System 

Vacuum Gauge Range

0.00Mpa 0.1Mpa 

(0psi 14psi)

Vacuum Control Range

0.02Mpa 0.08Mpa

Suction Hose Hang Groove

One, at the left

Wall mounted Hang Tip

Two, at the back

Hidden Rotatable Handle

Yes, at the top

3 Safety System 

Floating method

First level stop overflow

Filter method

Second level stop overflow

Overheated Protection


Electrical System

Power Consumption

130 W

Adapter Power


Lithium Batteries (If new)


Ambulance Car Adapter


Auto Power off

Every 30 minutes

Power Fuse

1.0 A  -φ5×20mm

Noise Level


Packaging Details 

Machine Body Size


Import Carton Size

415x360x300mm for 2 units

Net Weight per Unit


Import Gross Weight per Carton

9.8 kg

Operating Condition

Operating Temperature

41℉ to 104℉  (5℃ to 40℃)

Operating Humidity

10% to 90% RH

Operating Atmospheric Pressure


Storage Temperature

-4℉ to 131℉ (-20℃ to 55℃)

Storage Humidity

10 to 95% RH

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