Medical Aspirator (Portable Suction Unit) AVERLAST 20

Medical Aspirator (Portable Suction Unit) AVERLAST 20

Short Description:

AVERLAST 20 is designed as a 20liter medical aspirator (portable suction unit) which can be used for suck of viscous liquid, such as pus, phlegm frothing(bubbles) and blood. AVERLAST 20 drives over 20LPM negative flow and it is a medical equipment mainly consists of vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, negative pressure regulating valve, air filter and suction bottle. The target users prefer to be mainly used in in-home.

Product Detail

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AngelBiss medical aspirator AVERLAST 20 is simple and easy-going operated machine for pharyngeal suction only in the health care facility and in-home conditions. It includes unique advantages as below:

1. Powerful suction up to 0.08 Mpa @ 20LPM

2. Double anti-overflow protection system

3. Direct Plug-in Bottle System, only one push to take out bottle

4. 1400 ml capacity suction bottle

5. Innovative filter technology which prevents penetration of microorganisms and secretion into the device

6. Only one inlet for suction hose, avoid misleading of air inlet and outlet

7. Easy clean & sterilize & user-friendly operations

Nowadays, many people are suffering from bronchitis and feel difficult to sputum. Especially for the elder. They occasionally feel sputum blocked in the throat, and they can't cough it out. It will be very dangerous.

Medical aspirator AVERLAST 20 will apply for this emergency situation. Once you own it along by side, AVERLAST 20 can provide you the fastest and safe way to start the pharyngeal suction.

Important: This product cannot be used to sustain any life. Patients are advised to use this product according to actual needs or the guidance of a physician.

Model and Functions

System Map



Pump Driving System

Max. Air Flow


Max. Vacuum Pressure


Work Mode

Intermittent Run

Bottle System 

Max. Jar capacity


Overflow Protection

Double Safety Protection

Innovative Filter

Waterproof Reusable

Inlet Cover

One only, and no need outlet

Operate System 

Vacuum Gauge Range

0.00Mpa ~ 0.1Mpa

(0psi ~14psi)

Vacuum Control Range

0.02Mpa ~ 0.08Mpa

Suction Hose Hang Groove

One, at the left

Wall mounted Hang Tip

Two, at the back

Hidden Rotatable Handle

Yes, at the top

3 Safety System 

Floating method

First level stop overflow

Filter method

Second level stop overflow

Overheated Protection


Electrical System

Power Consumption

110 W

Adapter Power


Lithium Batteries (If new)


Ambulance Car Adapter


Auto Power off

Every 30 minutes

Power Fuse

1.0 A  -φ5×20mm

Noise Level


Packaging Details 

Machine Body Size


Import Carton Size

415x360x300 mm for 2 units

Net Weight per Unit

4.05 kg

Import Gross Weight per Carton

10.4 kg

Operating Condition

Operating Temperature

41℉ to 104℉ (5℃ to 40℃)

Operating Humidity

10% to 90% RH

Operating Atmospheric Pressure


Storage Temperature

-4℉ to 131℉ (-20℃ to 55℃)

Storage Humidity

10 to 95% RH

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