Home Use Oxygen Concentrator ANGEL-5S

Home Use Oxygen Concentrator ANGEL-5S

Short Description:

ANGEL-5S is AngelBiss home use 5Liter oxygen concentrator with the most complete alarm system, accurate fault indication, and the most stable safety performance on the global market today. The applicable people are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients, hypoxic users and people who need daily oxygen therapy.

It is made of the new generation PSA oxygen machine. It can produce pure oxygen (90% to 96%) from the atmosphere directly. Its main features are including oxygen & nebulizer function, Timer, child lock function, low oxygen alarm, 6 safety alarm functions, 6 kinds of error indication functions and a shine 6′ LED display. When set the flow at 5Lliter per minute, the oxygen concentration will grow rapidly till 95% within 3 minutes.

Product Detail

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One of AngelBiss unique control technologies on ANGEL-5S home use oxygen concentrator is: Only 0.1% purity fluctuation rate at the oxygen output. The smaller the fluctuation rate, the less possibility of parts defected rate. Thus, AngelBiss has been one of few can make the most stable oxygen machines in the world.


1. A screen touch operated multi-functional unit.
2. 5Liter with 93%±3% oxygen purity output for COPD users
3. Oxygen Purity Display by Numbers (Accuracy 00.0%)
4. Timer
5. Large 6’ LED Light Display all functional data
6. Accumulated total running hours
7. Nebulizer

Special Features

1. The first machine with Oxygen Output Purity Fluctuation rate controlled within 0.1% in the world
2. Automatic heavy humidity remove molecular sieve
3. Independent Oxygen outlet & Independent nebulizer outlet (E-control system)
4. Child Lock settings
5. Global 3 years warranty for dealers and 18000hours lifetime

ANGEL-5S can even work in the situation at high temperature (45℃) and high attitude(15000FT). Related real site tests were made by AngelBiss team. If you are in a place with high altitude or tropical countries, ANGEL-5S will be suitable for you.

Technical Specifications

System Map



Oxygen Driving System




Oxygen Flow


Oxygen Concentration

93% ± 3%

Oxygen Output Pressure


Oxygen Number Display


Nebulizer System






Nebulizer influence O2 purity?


Individual Nebulizer Outlet


Display Method

On LED screen

Operating Way

By touch panel button


Nebulize nozzle and mask

Nebulizing Particle Size

3.6μm±25% at 0.14Mpa

Screen Display System








Display Material

All by LED lights

What Can Be Displayed ?







"Oxygen" light on

"Nebulize" light on

"Purity Percentage" light on

"Each Running Time" light on

"Accumulated Time" light on

"Timer Setting Minutes"

Child Lock

Operating System




Operating Panel

E- Touch


Start to produce Oxygen


Start to run Nebulizer(If any)

TIMER "+" and "-"

Setting from 0 to 3 hours
(15mins increase or decrease)

6 Safety System






Low Oxygen Alarm


Oxygen Pressure Protection Alarm


Pressure Faulty Alarm


Power off Alarm


Compressor Faulty Alarm


Overheated Protection


Electrical System




Power Consumption

350 W

Auto Power off by timer


Screen Sleep Mode


Noise Level


Packaging Details




Machine Body Size


Import Carton Size


Net Weight per Unit


Import Gross Weight per Carton


Operating Condition





Operating Temperature

41℉ to 113℉ (5℃ to 45℃)

Operating Humidity

30% to 80% RH

Operating Atmospheric Pressure


Storage Temperature

14℉ to 122℉(-10℃ to 50℃)

Storage Humidity

20 to 90% RH

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