Company Profile

AngelBiss is the first one of the world to focus on fluctuation of an oxygen concentrator as well as the first one can precisely control oxygen fluctuation rate within 0.1% (industry average level is over 0.6%)

In AngelBiss engineering lab research found that the lower fluctuation rate means that the oxygen concentrator has the less chance of defect in every connected parts, thus make the machine to run at perfect and durable life. Hence Stability and Quality both are ensured by the sole technology. That is the main charming of our AngelBiss products.

Over 17 years of engineering study in gas products, AngelBiss engineers are mainly engaged in development, research, exportation and manufacturing quality products on the field of Oxygen Therapy, Surgery Therapy, Asthma Therapy and Diagnostic Therapy. With its own research advantages and powerful engineering capabilities, AngelBiss has provided many high-quality solution to customers all over the world, including Malaysia, India, Iraq, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Chile, Peru, Japan, Australia, etc. 

AngelBiss all products are complied with the USA Technology quality standards and the best performance at its electronic life span. The products are cost effective and environmental friendly, simple to maintain, which have proved their reliability in a myriad of services across the globe.

AngelBiss ensure your safety in using its products, granting better use services to its distributor fans.

Company Department

AngelBiss shares sections of Management, Production, Administration, HR, Marketing, R&D Research and Development, Quality Inspection, Warehouse, Pre-sales and After-sales Service, Over Sea Production Relationsship, etc. Each department performs its own duties, with seriously and responsibly, and works hard for the good operation of the group. With  the  expanding  and  development  of AngelBiss, it will have more and more sections to refine. 


Company Ownership

Sinopec Group Senior Mechanical Designer(SGSMD) & engineer Mr. Huang establish the company SinZoneCare Medical at the year 2004 for domestic medical markets, mainly doing ODM business for medical and industrial products. During the past 14 years, SinZoneCare designs and develops a dozen of oxygen products (for the local manufacturing companies) and meets a great success at the gas field. When the year 2017, a young sales engineer Mr Arvin Du join in with Mr. Huang and start to be in charge of dealing exportation business in the name of AngelBiss. The company activate the global expansion progress till today.

ANGELBISS is quality brand owned by AngelBiss Healthcare Inc (USA) and AngelBiss Medical Technology(China) . ANGELBISS successfully registered as a unique brand at California USA, Dusseldorf Germany and Shanghai China. The meanings of the brand as well as the core value of the company is expressed as follow:

The combination of Angel Broken Wings and the English brand name ANGELBISS. An angel is an imaginary character in the hearts of peoples of various countries that brings the gospel, and is a kind of spiritual sustenance. The image of the capital “A” just seems to be a person, only one side of the wings shows its incompleteness, because the mental state of the sick person is incomplete, and this incompleteness just explains that this person needs care. Biss means Blessing. The appearance of the red rainbow means that angel brings hope to person.

And thank you to Mr. Foo and Mr. Joe from Malaysia for recommending the name of ANGELBISS.

AngelBiss, Care His, Your and My Health