AngelBiss will contribute the best effort to bring better product experience to customers. The R&D team are now making more research to different application fields, such as Industrial Oxygen Supply, Nitrogen Oxygen Products, Aquaculture Oxygen supply, and Ozone Application, .
While look over the past 3 years, AngelBiss also made some valuable achievements in the field of oxygen concentrators/generators and portable suction machine that have been shown are long run meaningful for human healthcare applications. They are listed as below

NO.1--Over 40 new patents development and registration for oxygen concentrator and suction machine (Till Nov, 2020 )
NO.2--The world's first battery back up 5L Oxygen Concentrator, oxygen purity attain over 93% (on Apr 2019)
NO.3— On-Site Test ANGEL 5S 5L Oxygen Concentrator on Tibet 15000ft, the oxygen purity can still attain over 93%  (on Sep 2019)
NO.4--Rechargeable suction machine over 3hours without AC power  (on Oct 2018)
NO.5- 20psi high pressure Oxygen Concentrator attain 95%  (on Dec 2019)
NO.6- 90psi high pressure Oxygen Concentrator attain 95%  (on Jul 2018)
NO.7- 60LPM Dual Flow 4bar Oxygen Generator attain 95%  (on Jan 2020)
NO.8 -10LPM 7bar Oxygen Generator attain 95%  (on Mar 2020)
NO.9 – Fluctuation of every Oxygen Concentrator 0.1% at 95.5% or other specified concentration. (on Aug, 2017)
NO.10 – TUV-SUD audited ISO13485:2016 and CE Certification  (on Dec 2019)
NO.11-Over 6 bar 100LPM Small Hospital Use Oxygen Generator With Cut Off system (on Nov 2020)
NO.12- More are ready to show.

The expansion of above technology research not only rely on the distance, but also the height, and the depth. AngelBiss is rising like star with unparalleled excellent quality. And the unparalleled quality is built up by thousand repeated tests and experiments on the facts.

AngelBiss is target to be another oxygen giant within 10 years upon its sole technology and contributed staff.