About AngelBiss


AngelBiss Healthcare Inc locates at California, USA. A group of electronic, biomedical and oxygen equipment engineers establish the company covers brands - ANGELBISS, SINZONECARE and WORTHY. The main business activities focus on product development, design, production, experiment, importation & exportation of medical devices and oxygen supply equipments.

The highlighted on production products are High Pressure PSA Oxygen Generator, PSA Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Supply Plant, Medical Suction Machine and. etc. under cover of medical quality control system ISO13485:2016 and Europe CE certificates (certified TUV SUD, Germany).


The production branch, AngelBiss Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, locates at Shanghai, China. In the line of 6 engineers, over 35 staff and 15000 square meter floor, having over 40+ sole patents registration, the company has won the honor of High-tech Innovation Technology Enterprises awards at 2020. In the past 3 years stable development, some critical control technologies, such as fluctuation control, high altitude test and low quality defected rate, have made the company be one of the most stable medical devices supplier in the oxygen therapy field.


AngelBiss includes an engineering development centre and the first company focus on fluctuation of oxygen concentrator and control the fluctuation rate within 0.1%, engage in development, exportation and manufacturing quality products on the field of Oxygen Therapy, Surgery Therapy, Asthma Therapy and Diagnostic Therapy. With its own unique advantages and powerful engineering capabilities, AngelBiss has provided many high-quality solutions to customers all over the world.


Furthermore, benefit to the company unique technology development ability, AngelBiss has set up a plan to continue its innovative journey in next 10 years. Angelbiss has launched a new project, called “INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISES 2020-2030”, which the target is to make 82+ invention patents, 224+ new utility patents and 50+ outlet patents by herself within next 10 years.